When Second Best Is Simply Not An Option

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Finally, A Company You Can Trust.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our movers are trained to recognize and protect higher end furniture.

Blanket Padding
We protect your furniture with thick moving blankets.
Free Plastic Wrap
Protection is our primary objective, not an up-charge.
Clean Materials
We cycle our blankets frequently, and never reuse material.

Full Size Trucks, Full Service

The pros at TRS can expertly move large homes or offices (typically) in a single day. Our advanced quoting software accurately gauges the crew size, time and cost of your move. We offer over-the-phone, virtual, and in-person evaluations. Evaluations are free and take just a few minutes.

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Our technicians are background-checked, randomly drug tested, well trained, and held to a higher standard.

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Packing Service In Tucson, AZ

TRS will expertly paper or bubble wrap all your fine collectibles, dishes, artwork, electronics, etc. Give yourself the peace-of-mind of allowing trained professionals to efficiently pack your house. We will evaluate your job and provide all the necessary materials needed to protect your items during transport.

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Tucson, AZ Gun Safe Movers

Moving a large gun safe is one the most dangerous and challenging tasks of any mover's job. We take it seriously. Hydraulic lifts are standard. Hydraulic safe jacks are standard. Extensive training with the Operations Chief & Foreman is required, prior to any safe job. All safe jobs are supervised by the OC or the Foreman. Nothing less than flawless execution is accepted.

Any Safe Up To 1,000 Lbs.
Our only limitation is our trucks' hydraulic lift capacity.
Exclusive Equipment
We have specialized safe moving equipment. They don't.
Well Trained & Experienced.
Safe Training is by far the most rigorous of all our courses.