How to find and recognize reliable movers Arizona

How to find and recognize reliable movers Arizona? You are asking yourself the right question. When you’re moving to Arizona all your belongings will be in the hands of your movers. So, one of the most important parts of moving is to find and recognize reliable movers Arizona. As in every other industry, there are honest and reliable companies. But on the other hand, there are many fraudulent or unreliable companies. And they are just waiting for you to hand them your money. Moving your belonging is the secondary thing on their mind. So, before you decide what moving company to hire, you need to do thorough research. If you want to be sure that you found a reliable moving company.

Services that moving companies provide

Before you start searching for the right moving company. Decide what services you’ll need from your local movers Tucson AZ. And, there are many available services in any respected moving company. So, go through your home and try to visualize the moving process. That way you can get the idea with what part of your move you’ll need help. And people usually have problems with packing, carrying, disassembling, and transportation. Those are the things you should focus on. Moving companies can help you with all of those elements.

Find and recognize reliable movers Arizona through helpful staff
Moving companies will help you with all of the elements of your relocation.

But you can also save a lot of money if you decide to do the easiest parts yourself. And that usually means packing and unpacking on your own.

A moving company will have many available services

  • Find and recognize reliable movers Arizona that offer packing and unpacking services.
  • Transportation of your inventory
  • Loading and unloading
  • Providing packing supplies
  • Offer storage solutions

Find and recognize reliable movers Arizona with the help of the internet

When you start with your research you’ll need to have access to the internet. That will probably not be a problem. Open your browser with a google search page. And start by typing “moving company Arizona”. If you think that it’s a too broad term, you can narrow your search by typing more exact phrase. You can try typing moving and storage Tucson AZ. Or something more close to what you are looking for.

Use you laptop to find and recognize reliable movers Arizona
Use the internet to find reliable movers Arizona

Of course, if you have some special requirements like carrying a piano from the tenth floor you should include that in your search phrase too. So, after your google search come up with the results, you should decide on at least five moving companies that look reliable. Copy those companies’ names into a spreadsheet. Make a table with columns for every company. And create cells for the data you acquired.

Compare them to find and recognize reliable movers Arizona

You can now start with comparing moving companies that you picked from the crowd. But, how to really find and recognize reliable cross country movers Arizona? Finding a moving company on the internet is not easy. Because they all look reliable on the internet on a first glance. But if you want to be sure that you have made the right choice you will have to check them thoroughly. That means you should do different types of verification. If you want to be 100% sure about the choice that you will make. And that means internet, phone and a personal visit to their offices.

Find and recognize reliable movers Arizona with the help of

Most of your checking will be done through the internet. So, here are the things you’ll have to pay special attention if you want to find some differences between the two, or more, moving companies. Try to find comments on their websites. But that’s not the most reliable source. So, maybe it is better to look for comments about the specific moving company on moving related sites, forums and databases. has an extensive directory with a great number of available moving companies. And with authentic reviews, it shows you a Better Business Bureau company’s overall rating.

Find and recognize reliable movers Arizona with the help of the Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is an extensive database of moving companies. And you can use it to check the reliability of a moving company. And find lots of useful information about almost every company you can imagine. You’ll find all of their business details. Address, contact names and when the company is founded. Besides that, you’ll find their licenses and you can read honest reviews and complaints. If the company is not listed in BBB that should be your first red flag that something is not right with this company. Every respectable and reliable moving company would want to be listed there. So the most possible reason why they are not listed is that they are scared of honest reviewers. BBB is the best place to find the most reliable information about every possible company in the US.

Find a moving company with proper licenses

After you checked your company over and BBB you should have a clearer picture of the companies you are planning to hire. Just don’t forget to check if they own all required licenses for doing a moving job. Because every state has its own regulations related to moving companies that only do local moves.

Every moving company should show you their licence
Reliable movers should show you their licenses

Interstate moving companies are regulated by the federal government. And they should own a U.S. DOT number which you can use to check their activities. They should also be registered at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA.


One of the important aspects of deciding on a moving company that’ll do your relocation is insurance. Because every reliable moving company needs to have insurance for your belongings. It usually includes two types of insurances, full value protection, and released value protection. Of course, you can tell which is which by their names. Full value protection is a more expensive and extensive form of insurance. It protects your belongings in their full value. On the other hand, there is a second option, the released value. It is a cheaper option. However, it offers protection for your belongings only up to 60 cents per pound.

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